The Real Truth about Dental Implants

Dental Implant at the Newport Dental

We hear about dental implants every single day – but little is known about them. In fact, the most important thing about dental implant procedures revolves around their cost and their longevity. So, if you are wondering how much dental implants cost, the best way to ask is to contact Dr. Sean Saghatchi’s dental clinic.

What we can now say for certain is that dental implants are a product of a new technology. A technology that replaces teeth with special treatments such as root canals, bridges and fixed/removable dentures. Even though a lot of root canals tend to fall, dental implants are a solution to these problems and eliminate any concerns associated with natural teeth.

Single-Tooth Dental Implants

The first type of dental implants is the single-tooth type, which is used in people who are missing one or two teeth. As the name itself says, these single dental implants are surgically placed in an opening made in the jawbone – and attached as a new ‘root’ for the crown that will be replacing your missing toot.

People choose single-tooth dental implants to fill a gap between their teeth which may be obvious when they smile or speak. On top of that, every missing tooth decreases the biting power of the others which is another reason to choose these implants.

In the other case of numerous dental implants, they are mostly considered as an aesthetic upgrade or one that is needed for improperly maintained teeth that cannot be saved.

Placement of Dental Implants by Sean Saghatchi
Placement of Dental Implants

What Happens During The Tooth Implant Procedure?

At the dental clinic of Sean Saghatchi, we specialize in dental implants of all kinds – and know that this type of treatment is generally a 3-part process that takes several months. The first step is the consultation, while the second is when our dentist (Sean Saghatchi himself) surgically places the implant in the jaw along with a screw that prevents gum tissue and other debris from entering.

After that, the gum is secured over the implant and remains covered for approximately three to six months, after which it is uncovered and the dentist attaches an extension and the tooth heals.

Missing a tooth – or a set of teeth?

Then you are an ideal candidate to visit Sean Saghatchi’s clinic – and make your teeth perfect!


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